Is it just me or do you always feel like you’re forgetting something on your way to the airport? Everybody checks for keys, phone, wallet.. right?

Well, when going on vacation that’s just not enough! You need a travel checklist that includes all of the essentials.

Here’s what’s in in my carry-on:

1. ID/Passport
This is not an item you want to be without, you can’t board a plane without it. I once had a friend leave their wallet on the plane after we got back from a trip. As we were picking our bags up from the luggage carousel a flight attendant called my cell phone. It turns out they called me because I booked the reservation of the seat they found the wallet in. I then had to get a special pass to go back through the TSA security checkpoint, hop on the train and back to the boarding gate to go pick it up.

2. Cash
Anytime you leave the US of A I recommend taking at least $100 emergency cash with you. Knowing this, I told myself that I’d get some cash at the airport before boarding the plane to Bali, Indonesia. After going through security I searched for an ATM only to find out that there weren’t any past the TSA checkpoint. That meant hopping on a train back to the main concourse, finding the ATM, going back through security and then riding the train back to my gate – shoutout to Clear for helping me skip the line!

3. Chargers (phone, tablet, watch, earbuds, speakers)
Aside from the fact that we’re addicted to media consumption 24/7, technology is vital when traveling. When you’re in a foreign place communication and access to information is vital, so staying charged up is a must! I keep digital copies of my ID, passport and credit cards for quick access and emergencies.

4. Travel Pillows
Depending on the length of your flight, travel pillows are clutch! I have like 12 pillows because I always forget to pack one and then I end up buying a new one at the airport.

5. Sunglasses
I wear sunglasses everyday. I would wear sunglasses all day if I could. I wear them inside of the airport and on planes, only showing my face TSA. I like to be incognito. My goal each flight is to sleep as long as possible, excluding snacks and meals. Wearing glasses makes it less obvious that I’m sleeping or have an attitude.

6. Fans
Without even realizing it, I keep 2 types of fans in my backpack. I have a classic asian fan that you whip open and a rose gold plug-in iPhone fan. I seem to always forget about the asian fan but the iPhone fan has come in handy in several countries! Especially waiting around at the airport or in the hot ass sun!

7. Wet Wipes
Get wet wipes instances when you want to wipe your hands, face or a surface. There are a couple of different types you can choose from like: baby wipes, makeup wipes, flushable wipes, Clorox wipes – you get the picture. It’s far better to be with them than without.

8. Sneakers
I’m very adventurous when I travel so I always try to bring some sneakers that I don’t mind getting a little dirty. I like the Nike Tanjun for all my activities because they’re not expensive and they’re made of mesh so they dry quickly after getting wet. In Puerto Rico, I hiked up a mountain and rappelled down a waterfall in my Nike Tanjuns and they’re still intact to this day! Of course there have been occasions where I’ve purchased shoes because I didn’t think I’d need my Nikes, oh well.

9. Headphones
Having no headphones at the airport is equivalent to having no headphones at the gym. It’s doable, but it’s way better with music. My favorite flex is tuning people out.

Bonus: Extra Time
I’m notorious for waiting until the night before to pack which causes me to stay up for 24 hours to avoid oversleeping. So trust me when I say that its best to start packing a whole week in advance. Time waits for no man. I’ve missed a lot of flights in my lifetime.