We’re living in a time where people use their iPhones to do anything from ordering food to finding a date – whether at home or in a foreign country. Over the years I’ve found a few travel apps that are essential.

1. Kayak
When its time to start planning a trip I use Kayak Explore to track flight prices around the globe. The Explore feature makes it easy to see how much a flight is anywhere in the world, for your specified travel period. Although I love Kayak I book directly with airlines to get 5x membership points with American Express.

2. TripAdvisor
Once I know where I’m headed for my trip I use TripAdvisor to read reviews on hotels and to find things to do in the city. The app has a great feature that lets you organize and share trips with friends. Within your trip you can favorite activities you’re interested in and even create a daily itinerary – if you’re into group trips I highly suggest using this feature.

3. Priority Pass
Bougie is a Bougie does, so ya’ll know I hit the airport lounge as soon as I get through security. For those unfamiliar with airport lounges, they provide complimentary cocktails, meals, snacks, wifi and in some cases showers – it’s like being in VIP at the airport! Priority Pass is a membership that grants access to over 1,300 lounges around the world, starting at $99/month.

4. Uber
I mean its Uber, how else are you going to get around when you’re traveling? While Uber is illegal in some countries, there are alternatives like Cabify, GoJek or hiring a driver.

5. Google Translate
Whew, language barriers can be a huge problem, so make sure you have the Google Translate app which lets you speak or text in any language and get an immediate translation. I can’t tell you how many times this app has helped me out, especially in Milan, Italy!